Small price

Apr 19, 2024

It’s five days earlier (and four hundred euros more) than planned, but my sisters are back home. A combination of heavy rain and persistent danger of avalanches abruptly ended their season in Switzerland. The restaurant where they worked decided to close its doors a few days earlier than planned and because of that they were presented with a choice.

Top sport!

Apr 12, 2024

We have just finished setting up breakfast when the first guest walks into the dining room. It is six o’clock in the morning and, as an exception, we serve breakfast (on request) two hours earlier than usual. Although I don’t want to make a habit of getting up in the middle of the night to prepare and serve breakfast, I don’t mind at all when six of the nine guests…

One day…

Apr 5, 2024

I was eighteen when I went abroad by myself for the first time. I had just completed high school and my mother, who also comes from a family that loves to travel, encouraged my sisters and me to travel for a year before we would start college. That I got (somewhat) fluent in English, and not Spanish, after an eight-week language course in Barcelona, didn’t matter.

Impossible to overestimate

Mar 29, 2024

Vall de Gallinera, the municipality to which Benialí belongs, has approximately 585 inhabitants spread out over eight villages. With a percentage of 52%, there are slightly more men living here than women. At 58%, the age category 18-64 years is the largest, whereat the average age is 52 years. As in the rest of the province of Alicante (78%)…

Until next time!

Mar 22, 2024

Although the quantity is still far from where it should be five months after opening, we can’t complain about the quality. After all, the fact that no fewer than 12.5% ​​of all our guests have already stayed with us more than once or booked with us again, immediately upon departure, is why we decided to start this adventure in the first place. Naturally, I was pleased…


Mar 15, 2024

I glance at the crates full of tangerines and oranges. A gift from Luisa, the owner of L’Aplec restaurant. Super sweet! Gratefully I empty the crate of oranges into the large bowl outside. Our guests will be able to enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice with breakfast for a long time to come. Great. Because that certainly should not be missing from a breakfast…


Mar 8, 2024

Although plans to emigrate usually aren’t made overnight, there is always a moment when the tone of the conversation changes. From vague plans, beautiful daydreams and alcohol-influenced talks to the point where someone actually slams their fist on the table and says: “We’re just going to do it. Tomorrow I will book a flight to Spain and we will view some houses.”


Mar 1, 2024

If it wouldn’t be frowned upon, I would have probably already started with the tips and obligations discussed with the delegation from Alicante regarding our Casa Rural before the end of their actual inspection visit. Because as a true control freak, I naturally prefer to solve problems before and not after they arise. I therefore had to restrain myself from quickly popping…

Mixed feelings

Feb 23, 2024

With mixed feelings I glance outside. It’s raining. It hasn’t done that for a while. We certainly can use it and I hope it will rain a lot more in the next two months. But today I would have liked to see it differently. Because the delegation from Alicante can arrive at any moment. To check whether our Casa Rural meets all the necessary requirements.

Three years

Feb 16, 2024

When I walk downstairs my mother has just finished cleaning the fireplace. As she walks into the kitchen to make me a cup of coffee, she notes that is has been exactly three years since we started cleaning and reorganizing the house. A little later my sister Noëlle receives exactly the same message from Facebook. Photos of what the house looked like at the time…