Even though Bocairent has less than five thousand inhabitants, the city attracts a lot of visitors every year. Surprising? Not at all. Because although Bocairent was elected the cultural capital of the autonomous region of Valencia in 2021, the city owes its popularity not only to its cultural attractions.

Thanks to its location in the Sierra Mariola nature reserve, nature lovers who enjoy walking, cycling or horse riding will love it just as much. The landscape of this protected area consists of mountains, valleys and – thanks to the various rivers, streams and waterfalls – a diverse range of flora and fauna. The Montcabrer, which is 1.390 meters high, rises above all other peaks. Those who dread climbing it, can always choose a less challenging walk.

Don’t you feel like going on long hikes and do you prefer to see what the small village itself has to offer?

Within walking distance of the town center you will find the man-made Moorish caves with fifty “windows” on three different levels. Although their original function is not certain, it is generally believed that they were used to store grain after North African example. Do you want to visit them? For €3 per person you can buy an entrance ticket at the ice caves of Sant Blai. Please note that the caves can only be visited with a guide and on a specific day and time.

Does the age-old Spanish tradition of bullfighting intrigue you? In Bocairent you will find the oldest bullring in Valencia. In the ring, that was largely carved out of the rock in 1843, bullfighting (as well as other cultural activities) still take place.


The market takes place in the city center every Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Food and drinks

The Bocairent cuisine is not only influenced by the Sierra Mariola nature reserve, but also by both Valencia and Castile-La Mancha.


The famous Moros y Cristianos festival, which commemorates the battles during the reconquest of Spain, takes place in February. Do you want to celebrate extensively? Then Alcoy is the place to be.