Vall de Gallinera

Together with Benirrama, Benissivà, Benitaia, La Carroja, Alpatró, Llombai and Benissili, Benialí forms the municipality of Vall de Gallinera. Also known as the ‘cherry valley’, this valley is located in the province of Alicante and the autonomous region of Valencia.

The influence of the Moors, who occupied the valley for six centuries, is still visible today. The white villages, with their small narrow streets, the irrigation canals and the ruins of the fortresses that protected the valley on both sides, are relics of that time. It was not until the seventeenth century that the land came into the hands of the Duke of Gandia. To repopulate the area, he had about one hundred and fifty families come over from Mallorca.

Do you like to stay active and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer? Besides the Ruta de los Ocho Pueblos, which takes you along the ancient paths through all eight villages, there are many other hiking routes that will take you through the valley.

From Casa La Vall in Benialí you can also walk the Arte Rupestre (3 kilometer), Mirador del Xap (3 kilometer), La Forada (9 kilometer) and Cima de la Safor (17 kilometer). Do you need help finding the right route? You can find them all on Wikiloc.

Would you like to do that while nature is at its best? In 2020, the Spanish travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler named the valley’s cherry blossom the most beautiful in Spain. They say that March, when the blossom is in full bloom, is the ideal time to visit. Although that might be true, we would say that the valley is beautiful all year round.

Food and drinks

Would you like to stay close to have some food or drinks? We can heartily recommend Bar Isa and Nou Terrasó (in Benialí) and Ta Casa (in Benissivà).


Do you like to celebrate? In the summer (July and August) the different villages honor their patron saints all with their own, separate festival.