Did you know that in the Valencia region there are five villages that are officially among the most beautiful villages in Spain? In addition to Culla, Morella, Peniscola and Vilafames (which are all located in the province of Castellón), this is Guadalest. Thanks to its unique location in the rocks, it is the only village in the province of Alicante that has this honor. Rightly?

Fanatic museum visitors might agree. Guadalest is unique. Because with no fewer than eight museums (for only two hundred inhabitants), the village has the most museums per citizen. Although some of them (such as the Museo Etnológico) inform tourists about (the history of) Guadalest itself, the majority specialize in the most diverse (and unrelated) topics.

Are you not a big fan of museums and would you rather see the village itself? At the top you will find their most visited attraction: the Castillo de San José. Built by the Moors during the eleventh century, the castle served as a fortress. The remains that are still there today, mainly date back to the twelfth century. The rest of the castle was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1644 and 1748 and the War of Succession in 1708.

Do you dare to take a look at the Guadalest valley from the castle? Then the Guadalest Reservoir will immediately catch your eye. The lake, which forms a big contrast with the rest of the valley due to its turquoise-blue color, receives its water from a affluent of the Algar. If you want to see it up close, you can walk around it in two to three hours (about ten kilometers). Do you need help finding the right route? Wikiloc will help you find your way.


There is no weekly market in Guadalest. However, there are a number of small shops that offer local goods. Since the city is completely dedicated to tourism, you will undoubtedly be able to find a souvenir here.

Do you not want to be overrun by (other) tourists? Try to avoid visiting on the weekends as much as possible. It is not without reason that the few inhabitants have given up their agricultural activities and have started to focus entirely on tourism!