Vall de Gallinera
The eight villages, spread over the evergreen cherry valley, together form the municipality of Vall de Gallinera.

Pego (15 minutes)
With just over ten thousand inhabitants, Pego offers the facilities that are lacking in the Vall de Gallinera.

Oliva (30 minutes)
Between the touristic Costa Blanca (to the south) and Costa del Azahar (to the north) lies the more natural beach of Oliva.

Gandia (45 minutes)
Although the touristic Gandia is mainly known for its beaches, the city has a rich (and interesting) history.

Dénia (45 minutes)
Of all the coastal towns, this city, which is interesting both in terms of culture and nature, is perhaps the nicest.

Jávea (45 minutes)
La Granadella, one of the thirteen beaches and/or coves in this city, has been voted one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Moraira (60 minutes)
Thanks to a ban on high-rise buildings, the municipality of Moraira/Teulada has been able to retain its authentic character.

Bocairent (60 minutes)
Although Bocairent was voted Valencia’s cultural capital in 2021, the village offers more than just culture.

Alfàs del Pi (60 minutes)
Do you like wine? Bodegas Enrique Mendoza organizes both tours and tastings.

Guadalest (75 minutes)
Thanks to its unique location in the rocks, Guadalest is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Alicante (90 minutes)
This city has more to offer than just the Santa Barbara Castle; its most iconic landmark.

Valencia (90 minutes)
The third largest city in Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona) is the capital of both the province and region Valencia.

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